Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to Reality

~Drinks at Bud and Alley's Taco Bar~

How is it Tuesday already? Almost a week ago I was basking in the gloriousness of being at the beach and off work for 5 whole days, and now I'm staring in disbelief at a clock telling me I'm due back to the daily grind in 2 hours! Sigh. I'm already daydreaming of my next getaway and may or may not have done some research into homes for sale off of good ol 30A...

Anywho, the Mr. and I had an absolutely fantastic time, with the most gorgeous weather you could ask for. We ate delicious fresh fish, sipped on Strawberry Mohitos and Margaritas (even popped some bubbly at a night picnic on the beach, that also involved Oreos, and it was divine), sunbathed ALL day, shopped some local boutiques (literally our first stop from the drive was Sundog books in Seaside, which MAC obligingly agreed to, though he was quite hungry), and even met up with some sweet friends from home. All in all it was good for our soul to breathe in that salt air and feel the powdery sand between our toes.

Hope y'all had a fantastic 3 day weekend and took a minute to remember why we were able to have extra time off to spend with loved ones! Thank you to our troops who serve this great country and provide us with freedom!

Here are a few snapshots of our trip and good luck back to work today!

~Spot where MAC proposed a little less than two years ago~

~Food truck row in Seaside~

~Stud of a hubby~

~LOVE these fish paintings~

~Best Strawberry Mohito at Great Southern~

~Random picture, I know, but I loved my view of the flowers and light blue adirondack chairs as I happily waited in line to eat at the famous Donut Hole~

~Where we ate at the night we got engaged, which has now become our favorite restaurant~

~God Bless America~

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