Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cup of Jo

Here's a confession for you first thing this lovely Tuesday morning: I am a coffee connoisseur addict. But seriously y'all, I have a love affair with coffee and just can't live, nor function properly without it. I have a routine every single morning where I make MAC and I coffee, he takes his to go and heads off to work, while I proceed to pour a huge cup and cuddle back up in bed with a book or my Ipad, reading away until the last possible minute before work. It's my absolute favorite way to start the day and I always look forward to my morning tradition. That being said, my coffee seems to taste that much better when it's being sipped out of a chic/pretty/cutesy mug. Here are a few coffee cups that I found recently that would make me feel fancy schmancy and that I hope to have sitting in my cabinets quite soon!

~Kate Spade Library Mug~

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