Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mission Accomplished

I believe I told y'all on Tuesday that I was on the hunt for blouses to pair with my cute striped shorts. Well, as usual, I got extremely sidetracked while shopping, lost track of time, and failed my mission of finding the perfect top! BUT, (there's always a but), I did find a random mixture of items that included 2 pairs of adorable summer wedges. I guess my mission was partially successful because I was in "need" of new shoes. 

The first pair are super high, but so fun. I envision pairing them with a long maxi that's shorter in the front (you know, so the fabulous shoes can be displayed) or with white skinnies and a fun blouse; definitely for a fun date night on our anniversary trip as opposed to prancing around in them all day. Though the second pair of wedges may also seem high, they're not and they literally feel as if you're walking on air; perfect for a little height at work and the neutral hue will go with everything in my closet!

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