Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Goings On

~My new fave nail color, Essie-Bikini So Teeny, and a hilariously fun new read~

Good morning y'all! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We sure enjoyed ourselves by catching up with my parents when they returned home from California (after a slight scare with an emergency landing in Dallas), watching an NCAA golf tournament, visiting with my in laws who were in town to watch MAC and I get baptized (more on that later), celebrating our first year of marriage (the real celebration begins Thursday as we head out of town for vacation), and lastly, with a fish fry (fresh from MAC's successful fishing trip last weekend) with some sweet, dear friends. Whewwwww...quite the busy weekend, but so enjoyable and so special. 

Happy Monday and hope the week gets off to a great start!

~Wine brought back to us from Napa Valley~

~The man of my dreams/apple of my eye of a WHOLE year~

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