Friday, October 12, 2012

Farm Tour

MAC knows Luke is one of my favorite country singers, so he bought us tickets last week to see him on his farm tour here in Tally. Country music + an outdoor setting under the stars + the most handsome gentlemen around = one fun date night! Due to a previous experience at one of Luke's concerts where we almost got attacked by raging lunatic female Luke Bryan fans, MAC and I plan on enjoying the show this time and being content a little ways back from the stage and the mob; he's all yours you crazy girls, we have learned not to get in between you and Mr. Bryan!

 I have this beautiful day off and plan on getting my nails done with mom, reading out on the porch and primping for my hot night out on the town with the hubs! Have a great weekend; pics to come on Monday!

If you are in the market for some cowboy boots, these are amazing and what I will be pairing with a red dress tonight! They are extremely comfortable and the color goes with everything! You can find these here, and they are 25% off. Sounds like a good deal to me folks!

This is not what I'm wearing tonight, but I found it at the Red Dress Boutique and LOVE the pattern! Perfect style for our light fall temps and it would look so darn cute with tights and boots!

P.S. I ended up getting the Tory's from this post!

P.P.S. You thought you'd get to the end of this post without a political comment about last nights post, but think again; I just can't help myself y'all. Ryan did an impeccable job of showing wisdom, class, character and restraint, while having to put up with Biden's rude, condescending demeanor and a liberal as all get out moderator! I don't know what was so humorous to Biden, but I don't find the state of our economy and country a laughing matter in the least.

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