Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday To You

I may be a slight bit biased, but I have the greatest Dad in the entire world. He is loving, patient, kind, considerate, selfless, humble, hard working, and extremely smart. He has always made himself available to my brothers and I while growing up (whether that was showing up at evey sporting event we ever had or just being there to talk to), and I knew I could depend on him for advice and support no matter what I was going through. Through my life, he has been a constant source of un-wavering Godly character and wisdom. I'm beyond blessed to have had such a strong example of un-conditional love in my life and will forever be thankful that I got to have Faddy/Biddy (these are my brother's and my nicknames for my dad; if you don't know my family, we have a grand ol time picking out names for each other and there is quite a wide variety of them) as my Dad. On top of all the great qualities he has, not a day goes by that my Dad's slow twang and unique humor don't provide us with MUCH laughter.

In regards to all the love I'm giving my dad, today is his birthday! I love him with all my heart, proud to call him dad, and look forward to celebrating his life with some homemade Strawberry Cake (courtesy of the best Mom in the world) tonight!

P.S. Today is also my sweet MIL's birthday and though we couldn't make it to Savannah to celebrate with her today, we brought her a goodie last weekend and are wishing her a Happy Birthday from afar! I couldn't have asked for a better MIL had someone let me choose and I am blessed to have her and the rest of the Crosby/Chamber family in my life! Love you Mrs. Crosby!

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