Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reading, Watching, Listening

This week I am broadening the horizons of bookworm Wednesday to include my favorite show and tunes at the moment! I am just about done with the 4th HP book, and am awaiting the arrival of the 5th any day now.

A good friend introduced me to Downton Abbey a while ago, and while I absolutely LOVED the first episode and concept behind the whole show, I have to admit I haven't watched it since. I plan on going to redbox (I looked it up and a location right by me has it, yay!) this afternoon and renting it; there's a possibility I have convinced MAC to watch it with me so I'm looking forward to our tv date and seeing for myself just what the hype from this show is all about!

I have been a Taylor fan from day one when she came out with "Tim McGraw" and "Teardrops on my Guitar", but she kind of fell to the wayside for me in the past year or so. The release of her new album Red had my curiosity up and after listening to the entire cd yesterday from a friend, she is definitely back on my radar and I have to say, I enjoyed almost every track on her album. Though the vibe of the music is not quite "country" sounding to me, the tunes were extremely catchy and upbeat (I especially liked the song 22). 

What's on your reading list, dvr, or playing on your iTunes?? Happy Wednesday friends (can you believe a week from today is Halloween? Before you know it we'll be giving thanks, carving turkeys and working on those Christmas lists! Crazy how time flies!).

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  1. Just stopping by to read your blog, Ash. :) I have to add that I love Downton Abbey - hope you're enjoying it!! Hope you're well. I love you!