Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Bee's

This past weekend was jam packed with all sorts of fun activities and I did my best to capture a glimpse of it in photographs (there are quite a few today)! Friday night kicked off the start of all the festivities with a show by Mr. Luke Bryan. Before I go into how much fun we had, can I just tell you it took us an hour and a half to go about 5 miles to get to the field where the concert was! I'm talking both lanes of the interstate, plus another lane on the median, were bumper to bumper just inching along; it was complete and utter chaos. Luckily, MAC noticed the far left lane starting to move, so he got over, passed a kajillion cars and proceeded to play chicken with another truck to get off at our exit; had he not done that, I seriously think we would have been among the cars STILL sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, 2 hours after we had already been there. Anyways, enough about my traffic rant, we finally made it, staked out a spot and enjoyed the show; he played a great variety of some of his first hits (love "We Rode In Trucks") and ones from more recently. As much as we wanted to stay to the very end, there was no WAY we wanted to experience the madness of all those country folk leaving at the same time, so we high tailed our little booty's out of there before the finale (somewhat sad, but this girl can only handle so much of waiting in an endless line).

After work on Saturday, MAC took my brother and I to Thomasville for dinner at Jonah's. I know I am way behind the times, but this was our first experience at this restaurant and it was incredible. My friends have always raved about how wonderful the food is, so we finally managed to try it out and I'm so glad we did; it has become my new favorite! The atmosphere is so quaint and intimate, the service is pleasant and quite speedy, and the food, oh that food, is mouth watering delicious. MAC and I split (we had 2 huge portions, but were not charged extra for splitting) a Parmesan encrusted Grouper with a side of white cheddar grits and a variety of fresh, sautéed veggies. This was the best fish I have had in a while and we were all practically licking our plates to get every last drop of food there was; though we wanted to try the famous home made desserts, our bellies were stuffed and protesting any more intake of food, so we will just have to come back for another visit. Shucks ;)

Lastly, Sunday for MAC was spent skeet shooting with friends from church, while I attended a shower for one of my best friends who is getting married in January. The shower was decorated so cute and I loved being able to partake in celebrating my Seester's upcoming nuptial's! 

Whew! If you have made it to the end of this lengthy post, congrats. It was a busy weekend and I'm infamous for not being the best summarizer. Hope you have a blessed Monday!

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