Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Inspiration

~Absolutely love the warmth and charm that emanates from this beautiful front porch~

Though Halloween is quickly approaching, we still have a good month or so left to enjoy Fall decor before it's time to break out ornaments and mistletoe. For some reason, I've been slacking on decorating so I looked through a variety of pictures on pinterest (of course the go to spot for ideas) to assist me in getting the creative juices to start flowing. Hope you find a bit of inspiration in these. MAC is off at a hunting plantation for a work retreat (in case you couldn't guess, he LOVES his job) this weekend, so I plan on catching up on some girl time with 2 of my best friends (my mom being one and my matron of honor the other) and also getting a little crafty around the house! 

Happy Fall y'all!

~I've always been a sucker for burlap, so this candlelit fireplace with that Fall banner has me in full swoon mode~

~The gorgeous assortment of color, the simple monogram on the pumpkin, and the style of that door have me wishing that was my entryway~

~ This is such an easy craft and the raw, naturalness makes it quite elegant~

~I just may have to paint a pumpkin this year; it gives a mature look, while allowing the pumpkin to last longer due to it not being carved~

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