Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shoes, Porches, and Politics

I have strayed away from the normal "Bookworm Wednesday" post, as you can tell from the picture above, mainly because I'm still reading HP and have no other suggestions at the moment (though I am enjoying the series, I'm halfway through book 4 and it's slightly dragging on). I know I have already informed you of the results of the shoe dilemma, but the local store I ordered them from (they were sold out of my size) called me yesterday to say they had arrived and I was just too excited not to share. There is just something thrilling about a new pair of shoes (especially ones you have had your eye on for a while) and what's not to love about a bright, pretty box to accompany the kicks?!

Continuing on with the random post (this picture is slightly more on topic), I stumbled across this sign of some "porch rules" and loved it. When MAC and I discuss dreams of a future house, they all consist of a large wrap around style porch. I wouldn't mind curling up on that swing below with a good book! A girl can dream right?!

Lastly, I just have to say, can Obama ever answer a question directly and truthfully?? He said he has fulfilled promises that he has made, but he forgot to mention 2 HUGE things. One, that he would cut the deficit in half (instead he added to it) and two, that if he didn't get the job done, he would be a one term president. Looks to me like he should be GONE, and his "promise" to the country from 2008 
backs this up.

 People, like Romney said last night, Obama can be a good speaker and have a so called "vision", but we have a record to look at and facts, that completely go against everything that comes out of his mouth! Lies, lies, and oh wait, more lies are a regular occurrence when he speaks. It's time to send you packing, Adios Obama

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