Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Love List

MAC and I took a much needed jog after work last night, cooked some steaks, and then, due to a lack of dessert in our home, decided to bake some Apple Bread. The recipe was fairly simple (the hardest part was peeling and dicing 3 apples, which MAC so graciously did for me) and it turned out amazing; not to mention the aroma that filled our home as it baked smelled like an apple cinnamon candle. The only thing I didn't put in the recipe was the nuts it called for (MAC and I both believe nuts ruin baked goods) and we made a mixture of a tablespoon each of brown and white sugar to sprinkle on top to give the bread that sweet crunchy layer! Y'all must try this!

This recipe provides enough dough for 2 pans! 

After pulling one out of the oven!

MAC bought us tickets last night to go see Luke on his farm tour here in Tally! What could be more fun than sitting outside under the stars listening to this man crooning some country tunes??

Short and sweet! Have a great weekend!

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