Monday, October 8, 2012

On The Road Again

On the road again seems to be MAC and my theme song, for after work Friday we hit the good ol' south Georgia back roads to visit family in Savannah. It was a quick trip (always worth it), but we managed to fit in some fishing (I caught a flounder on my first cast!), watching football with friends (I can't even talk about what a disappointing sports weekend this was), and of course, Sunday lunch at Nena and Papa's. 

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap from my phone. Hope your weekend was great and that you have a good start to the work week (unless you're like my lucky in laws and have Columbus day off)!

P.S. I can't hardly contain my excitement for the Gossip Girl premiere tonight!! Will any of you be watching?!

Nena's (Michael's grandma) fall porch decor was so cute

More decor (my apologies for the poor pic quality)

Close up (mums are so lovely)

Again, blurry, poor pic quality, but I finally got to visit with my good friend Kathleen and see Palm Avenue (my last place of work) since we had moved! Miss working with her!

MAC was getting our lines ready :)

Gorgeous blue sky, perfect day on the water! 

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